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If you are new to this blog (or a longtime reader!) here are the most popular posts on Letters from the Nest, with a few favorites sprinkled in:

To the Wife of the Fallen 

Why Mama Should Stay in the Picture 

Stop Telling Me to “Enjoy My Babies” (contributor post on Knoxville Moms Blog)

Count Your Fruits

Super Mom vs. Abiding Mom

What I Do EVERY NIGHT At Midnight

 Stop Making Motherhood Your Idol

When Satan Steals Your Motherhood

The Secret to My Husband’s Success

What’s So Wrong with Being a Woman?

Are You Having More Children? (contributor post on Knoxville Moms Blog)

10 Tips for a Wife To Encourage Her Marriage

On Saying YES to Your Kids

Where God Meets Mothers

How to Get Your Kids to Sit Still At Mealtimes

How to Balance a Busy Life

Under the Old Orange Tree

2 thoughts on “popular posts

  1. I just finished reading “When Satan steals your motherhood” and I am currently crying at my desk in my office. It is such a wonderful article that I really needed to read. Your articles are wonderful and help me ALOT. Thank you!

  2. Hi! I just want to say Thank you for your posts. I will go read “When Satan steals Your Motherhood” when I feel like I’m failing as a mother to wife. Not failing, but sliding. Aren’t we all guilty of fussing a little too much from time to time? I know I am, and I’m only a mama to one! But now, we’ve entered a new journey of life and I am a surrogate for one of my best friends. I feel like with pregnancy hormones and constant fatigue that my “fussing” has gotten to be too often. I read your newest blog this morning while getting ready for work and I have to say I was in full blown ugly cry before I was done. We take for granted how amazing these little guys (and gals!!) are. They truly are what keeps us sane and smiling. Thank you so much for sharing your little family and helping us stay grounded and humble. You’re the best!

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