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I’m so glad you stopped by our nest! I am Christie Elkins, a small town newspaper columnist, Director of the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce, wife of a cop, mother of three awesome children, (Eden, August, and Titus) and taking on farm life, one East Tennessee day at a time. In my spare time I write, feed chickens, paint my nails, chase goats that get out of the pen, yell at the mailman, shop at thrift stores, drink way too much coffee, and eat handfuls of Junior Mints in a small space in my kitchen floor when no one is looking.


Someone once asked me my secret in motherhood. There IS no magical secret. So I told them chocolate, coffee, and a LOT of prayer. Because amidst the crazy in our home, God is at the center of it all.


And I write. A LOT. I am a monthly contributor to theKnoxville Moms Blog and also serve as the Social Media Assistant for both the Knoxville Moms Blog and the Chattanooga Moms Blog. I also write a weekly newspaper column in the Lifestyles section of the LaFollette Press entitled Letters from the Nest, after which this blog is named. After blogging under mywalkwitheden.com since 2008, we felt a name that encompassed our family of five was in order. We are so glad you are here!

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Here you will find stories of faith and family, our life moving to a farm in our hometown, how I carry a handgun in my knock-off Prada handbag as a law enforcement family, crazy cell phone pics, terrible recipes, cool places to take your kids, and how I cut my hair with the same pair of scissors that I use to open luncheon meats. It’s about to get REAL.


If you are interested in social media/virtual assistant services, speaking schedule, or to request a media kit, please email me directly at lettersfromthenest@gmail.com and I would love to chat!

So kick up your feet, grab a tall glass of sweet tea and join us. You are welcome any time!

6 thoughts on “about our nest.

  1. I just wanted to send you a little note thanking you for you article ‘When Satan Steals Your Motherhood’. It was an amazing read that I connected with so strongly that it brought me to tears. As a mom of 2 I get so down on myself for not getting it all done, getting frustrated, and then ultimately become filled with guilt. I have spent many nights apologizing to my kids when I feel like the day didn’t go right or when I felt I could have been a better mother. Thank you so much for putting my feelings into words.

    1. I made it here from that same article. I felt so much like the mom she was describing in that post. I would love more articles like this, as they really touched me! My entire home is in chaos most of the time and all of us are left bewildered sometimes, like how did it get like this? I think satan may be making things worse and worse as the days go by.
      I need to pray my way out of this!

      Also, it made me smile to know I am not the only one who found the article moving.

      Thank you for all your inspiring blog posts.

  2. Hi! I found my way here from your post on lunchables at Target. I adored it but also LOVED you are a police wife. My husband is a police officer in a small town outside of Dallas, Tx and we also have 3 kids. You encouraged me today and I so appreciate it

  3. A friend of mine reposted your Satan stealing motherhood away. Amazing so true and just what I needed. I have been experiencing mini panic/anxiety attacks and it was at that moment I read your blog. Thank you!

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