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Why Don’t We Hang Out Anymore?



I ran into you the other day at the grocery store. We both had buggies full of food and kids, lists of items needed crossed off on crumpled paper lists, and the usual distraction of being in public and having to behave as such. We both excitedly scooted over to the side of an aisle and chatted for a few minutes about family (the kids are getting so tall!), work (yeah, everything is great!) and husbands (he is good, just busy).

Then we closed with the same line we used six months ago: “We need to get together sometime!” But we never do.

We never get together anymore. We used to, all the time. But I miss you, and I miss having friends that meet up and talk about real life, not just the weather in the produce aisle. You used to know that I hide Reese’s peanut butter cups in the back of the fridge behind the yogurt and I used to know that your child was dealing with nightmares. Now I cannot remember the last time it was just us, girlfriends since school days, sharing moments of every day life, inside jokes that no one else understood, and eating carbs like we were teenagers…. (want to finish this article? Click (here) and read my full contributor post over on the Knoxville Moms Blog).

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