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You are Beautiful. Eat the Cake.

I have been trying incredibly hard lately to do adult things, like making healthy food choices and doing this bizarre thing called running without something chasing you. It is hard and makes me want to cry when no one is looking. But, I have been told more than twice that the time is now, and if I wait until I am forty-five, it is too late. And so here we are, at thirty-five with a pair of decent running shoes and ordering water with lemon instead of cherry coke.

There is always a breaking point, and for me, it was chocolate cake.

So, I did what any normal desperate adult does at 9:30pm on a Thursday night: I shared my plight on the internet, basically admitting that I had tried, but that there was an entire container of chocolate cake in my fridge (A CONTAINER!) so someone needed to send help. Or a fork. By 9:36pm I had eaten a healthy slice. But the thing that surprised me the most was the multitude of people who, instead of saying, “You can do it! Just eat a healthy snack!” responded with the following… (want to read the rest of this post? Please do!! Hop on over to Knoxville Moms Blog by clicking (here) and finish my contributor post “Always Eat the Cake”).

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