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Do You Feed Your Kids Junk Food for Breakfast?



Breakfast in 2007: I can remember breakfast vividly with my firstborn child. In her toddlerhood, I was careful to scramble only the egg yellows, not the whites, with a side of organic English muffin, no honey, but a high quality cream cheese. Orange juice with no pulp, infused with extra calcium. It all ended up on the kitchen floor, with both of us in tears.

Yet, every morning, the charade would begin again.

Breakfast in 2017: Three kids, all school aged, up before the repeat Heartland Series episodes on WBIR. Racing around the house trying to make sure they are wearing matching socks, shoes, and have on clean underpants. Nothing excites my five year old more than a bowl of Lucky Charms, or my six year old a waffle. Table is cleared, backpacks are grabbed on the way out the door to begin the commute to school and work.

And every morning, the charade would begin again.

Except this time, things are different. Things are simple… (want to read the full post? Hop on over to the Knoxville Moms Blog by clicking (here) and find out how eating junk food for breakfast has made our lives sweeter).


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