Please Stop Telling Me to “Enjoy My Babies”


Confession: I am a recovering crier. I used to shed tears pretty much over anything, from someone hurting my feelings, to forgetting the pasta boiling on the stove and it turning to mush, someone hurting my feelings, a Jim Cogdill Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ram commercial, looking at wedding photos of my grandfather sitting in the front row (he passed away four months after we married), an empty mailbox, and someone hurting my feelings. Basically, a tad sensitive. Which, if YOU had called me a tad sensitive, I would have cried.

However, motherhood, which normally turns otherwise even tempered women into total basket cases every time they spot a monogrammed onesie or a stray kitten on their porch, cast the exact opposite spell on me: I became a robot. The tears were gone, and the stress set in. Instead of weeping over their first steps, I stressed that they were walking too late for their age. I micromanaged every moment of the first few years of motherhood, overwhelmed with “doing it right” or “being enough” or…..

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1 thought on “Please Stop Telling Me to “Enjoy My Babies”

  1. I emailed you over a year ago to let you know how much my wife and I enjoy your column in the press. This hasn’t changed at all in fact your column is the biggest reason we buy the press weekly! Your stories are like reading our own story but u always write something we can learn from or be encouraged by. We have two daughters ages 10 & 6 your columns has made us better parents as we try to follow the example of two awesome parents like Brandon and yourself. My wife use to work with Brandon many years ago at the 141 exit Heather Byrd was her maiden name. Anyways thank you for the great stuff you write about a lot of which takes me back to my own childhood. Good old west La Follette school, Saturday morning cartoons and much more! God Bless you and your family

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