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What I Think About While Standing in Line at the Grocery Store

grocery store

1.) Which lane to choose? Which lane to choose? If I choose self checkout, it will yell at me because my mascara will show as an “unbagged item” and the red light will come on, making me look like a criminal. If I stand in a traditional grocery line, my kids will beat each other over the head with As Seen on TV products.
2.) Traditional line. Self checkout scares me. Let the War O’ Snackees commence.
3.) Hello, celeb mags. Wonder what Taylor Swift is up to these days. Ooh! Katie Holmes let her hair grow back out! Looks like Jill Duggar had her baby…wonder if we should have another baby…
4.) WHERE IS TITUS?! Guys have you seen Titus? Oh, there he is. He is just hiding behind the rack of gift cards. Hashtag third kid problems.
5.) I wonder if people use hashtags in their heads. Hashtag how awesome would that be?
6.) I really need another one of those EOS egg lip gloss thingies. Except someone told me that they found mold growing in theirs, but I really like using them. My lips are SO soft. I should just toss one in the buggy. What color should I choose? Oh, Christie, they all go on clear. Who cares?

(Want to read the rest of my grocery store daydreaming? I am over at the Knoxville Moms Blog today with the scoop. Read the rest of the post (here) ).

2 thoughts on “What I Think About While Standing in Line at the Grocery Store

  1. I read ur article in the press as I usually do but I liked this one so much I had to find ur website to tell u..I really enjoyed reading this to be honest it was nice to know that others think like that as I do. Thanks Christie..

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