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Super Mom vs. Abiding Mom

This is a chart that I ran across a while back online that totally puts things in perspective for me. I think I really strive to be that “Super Mom”, but fail by leaps and bounds. And it is no wonder. If you notice, it is not what the Super Mom “does” that is necessarily wrong, it is that her focus is skewed. She is concerned more about herself and what she thinks a good mother should be than the truth that her Creator offers of the high calling of motherhood. Guilty. As. Charged.

Feel free to share this with mamas that may need the encouragement today!! The website from which I borrowed it isΒ {here}. I know I need to read this after we arrived home from the park today and I listened to a 20 minute tantrum about a lime popscicle. Really. And when is lime anyone’s first choice anyways??

6 thoughts on “Super Mom vs. Abiding Mom

  1. i love this. i’m sharing it with my women’s Bible study tomorrow πŸ™‚ they will laugh .. b/c i always come with handouts!! but such good reminders need to be shared! oh and btw.. lime = yuck πŸ˜‰

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