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December 2014 goals.

december 2014 goals

It is the final month of the year, and thus December 2014 goal setting time! For me, I make goals simple, tangible, and relevant. Here is where I am at this month:

JESUS: I have been clinging tight to the Lord this month, as our entire county has been. If you are not local and unsure what we are going though as a town, just pray. Please. The verse that keeps coming back to my mind is Proverbs 15:3, “The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch over the wicked and the good”. Where ever you are from, those are your people. Your town. Just pray.


OTHERS: My goal this month with others is to be a home base for those who need a listening ear, a warm cup of coffee, and a soft place to land. Just to be present is something we all can do. Also, I am speaking at Central Baptist of Bearden Church on Thursday night at 6pm, and I am thrilled that they have asked me! I really desire to pour some serious encouragement over these mamas and hopefully make some sweet friends in the process. Please come! I would love to see you.

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YOURSELF: In the final weeks of 2014, I want to stay away from the internet as much as possible, finish a few books, and keep Christmas simple (you can read my secret Christmas hating post here).I have a few more posts for this year to share with you and that will be pretty much it. Two more NYC travel posts, a Knoxville Moms Blog post, a favorite books of 2014 roundup, and the post about when I donated my hair and thoughts on that.

Last month I set the goal to get some photo canvases for our hallway and did not, so I am going to continue to pursue home decor. Oh, and keeping the sink empty and clean at the end of the day. I know that sounds like a weird goal, but I love waking up to a clean sink as opposed to one with greasy dishes and cold water floating in them from the night before. Eww.


What are your goals for the final weeks of the year? I would love to hear!

(PS: My October 2014 goals are (here) and my November 2014 goals can be found (here). )

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