cell phone friday.

cell phone friday, volume 28.

Howdy folks! Welcome again to another exciting edition of Cell Phone Friday, where we showcase the absolute best of what the world has to offer via the tiny lens on your cell phone camera. You guys did an AMAZING job this week, so let’s get right to it:


Oh, Knox County. How I love thee. But, what are we teaching our “JUVEUILES” these days?


This family has an annual “Running of the Chihuahuas” event in their town. Then, they go to grab a bite for lunch and see this on the menu. Nah. I’m good.


I wasn’t sure what this was before…oh wait. There’s a sign that says ICE CREAM right above tons of half melted ICE CREAM. Thanks for the heads up.


When my friend’s toddler daughter goes to play at the grandparents’ house, does she reach for a My Little Pony or Raggedy Ann? Nay. She plays with this CAKE TOPPER from the 1980s. Ooh la la.


I have actually cried real tears over this photo this week. THE CORRECT SPELLING IS ON THE BOX, PEOPLE. And who doesn’t know how to spell Pop-Tarts? And why is this laminated?! And is the generic version on sale too? Or is the generic version the REAL Pop-Tards? So much to think about here…


Find something out and about that you want to see featured on Cell Phone Friday? You know the drill. Email me cselkins@mail.com or find me on facebook // twitter // instagram and tag me in your awesomeness there. Have a great weekend!

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