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are you having more children?


One of the most common questions we are asked as a family with three children is if we are going to have any more. I am answering that question today on the Knoxville Moms Blog! Simply click {here} to read how we feel about expanding our family size. And let me know how you feel, too.

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  1. This was a great article and to be honest, I always wondered if you were going to have more 😉 I like your blog because it is so hard to find a Christian blogger who does not spend hours on end talking about ‘leaving it up to God’. God has given me the choice to marry whom I choice and therefore I believe he also gives me the choice to grow our family (God Wiling, he can zap threw anything!) to the size we would like. I do not think he agrees with abortion related ways to prevent.

    We have ‘just two’. I am happy but as she grows and I pack away each size I wonder if we will every pull them out again. It makes me cry (thank you, I am now crying…). I am sad at the idea that we may never have another baby in the home but yet its exciting to look at the future. I think our society puts too much pressure on mothers (not having enough kids, having too many, breastfeeding, bottle feed, disposables, cloth, ect..). I have hard pregnancy (two previous heart surgeries and lots of meds with expecting make pregnancy tricky) yet mothers still judge me – “I am not trusting God with my health, instead I am trusting man (doctors)” “I do not have enough faith”. Its terrible this guilt, comparing, pushing that we get from other moms 🙁

    If you do have more or not I will still visit your blog, since you are not shoving your views down my throat! Thank you for posting a great Christian Homeschooling Mom blog without the guilt! Oh, and our bedtime today was full of tears (even mine!). Glad to know I am not alone. Blessings.

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