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Blogging with Kids: A How To Guide


Today I am posting over at the Allume blog with three simple tips on blogging when you have children and how it CAN be done. Please come on over and visit me by clicking {here} and be sure and leave a comment and say hello!

Also, it is Monday, so are you #TakingBackMonday? If so I wanna see those pics! (Not sure what #TakingBackMonday is? You can read more by clicking {here}.

1 thought on “Blogging with Kids: A How To Guide

  1. Hello and GOD bless you!! I have a home filled with 4 boys. Their ages are 14, 11, 3, and 11 months. I had my first 2 boys, and was in heaven. I worked 3 jobs, and did all I could to raise them in GOD. My husband at the time became very angry and violent. We were divorced in March 2005. The reason it was such a bad ordeal, is that we lived in a very small town. His family began spreading rumors about me, and I was fired from my nursing job 2 weeks before the divorce was final. I was crushed beyond crushed. I moved away, and brought the fear and resentment with me. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2007, after finding a new job and THOUGHT I had moved on. Their dad came back when I was down, and began fighting with me. I was told I would not have any more kids due to the effects of surgery, and the stress on my body.
    A man became fond of me and my boys in April 2009. I was beyond mean to him. Words no person should hear came out of me towards him. In November, 2009, that man said, I AM NOT THE MAN THAT HURT YOU, AND I NEVER WILL. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I HAVE EVER LOVED ANYONE. I WANT TO BE YOUR PROTECTOR AND YOUR HUSBAND. I told him No for many months and he still persisted. In June 2010, we were finally married, and the anger and bitterness began to leave my heart. We became pregnant in 2010 and had a son. The doctor said this was amazing, but would not happen again. 2 years later, I had another son. My body was stressed, but so strong. I now have an Amazing husband and 4 boys. I read your post this morning and wanted to say thank you. I recently started staying home for the first time ever, and I am in charge every day of these 4 blessings, while finishing my Bachelor’s degree. We are poor in the bank, and the collector’s call every day to tell me how bad I am. NOTHING will take away this blessing I have of a Real GODly husband and 4 amazing boys that test me often, but always bless my socks off. I will do my very best to not let satan in my heart or house. Thank you for that great reminder.!!!!

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