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how to balance a busy life.


I would not typically categorize our family as particularly “busy”. But when you start to add up all that needs to be done in a week, a day, even, it can get away with you and leave you exhausted and wondering where the time actually went. Last week was definitely one of the busiest weeks we have ever had as a family, definitely the busiest one we’ve had this year.

On Monday I began my day at 3:50am, drove to Knoxville for the {morning news thing}, celebrated {August’s 4th birthday}, husband had busy work stuff, drove BACK to Knoxville for Day 1 of Eden’s homeschool testing, plus normal farm life, laundry, writing stuff,andย  bedtimes.

Tuesday we drove once again to Knoxville for Eden’s Day 2 of homeschool testing, and Thursday for Rita’s “first day of spring tradition” and Friday is homeschool co-op. It was a WEEK I tell ya.


So, seeing this, I cut out a few things. We bowed out of dance class for the week, because by Thursday afternoon? We were having heart/attitude issues and much needed home time. So I took control of the busy and stayed put. Friday we did the same.

Those type of days? Weeks? Are TYPE A days. Days where the schedule is so tight that it is literally down to the minute with “stuff”. And I am sorry, but the last thing that any of us needs is more stuff to do.

So, how do you balance such crazy? With TYPE B days. With laid back, restful living.

With garden-tilling, nap-taking, {secret hideout building} days. Days where you read and learn without your kids actually realizing you are homeschooling. When your tortellini soup tastes like something from a restaurant because you’ve had the time to pay attention fully to the recipe. Days where game nights and movie nights abound. When you and your husband have time to do things like build a swing for your yard (post to come!) and brainstorm future renovation projects over warm tea or coffee and hide a plate of cookies under a throw pillow between you on the couch so that you can sneak one or two when no one else is looking.


If your family is feeling stretched, be pro-active about it. Build margin into your days and weeks. If you see a busy week ahead (the holidays are particularly a stressful time) remind yourself to schedule TYPE B days. Days where your van stays in park and you RELAX. Your kids’ hearts and minds need rest. So do you.ย  Trust me on this.

And if you still feel overwhelmed? It is OKAY to cut things out for a season. Soccer and gymnastics will still be there when you get back. Regain peace and balance to your days and weeks. Balance a busy life with a simple one.

What do YOU do when the family schedule is overrun with sports, school, work, and the like? How do you take control of the busy??

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