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the secret to my husband’s success.

My husband? Well, he is GOOD at what he does. Possibly one of the best. Who am I kidding. DEFINITELY one of the best. And then there is his wife, who tore a perfectly good, brand new pair of purple tights the other day because my toenails were too long. And let’s be honest, as badly as I want someone to mistake me for Zooey Deschanel, it ain’t gonna happen, no matter how awesome my tights are or how blunt my bangs can get.

The bangs are courtesy of a home hack job. Eat your heart out NEW GIRL.


So, I settled for some boring black tights, black dress, and met with some of his constituents at a major law enforcement function last week. After being introduced to fifty-plus men, also all wearing black and looking exactly the same, one older man smiled largely at me, shook my hand and said, “Why, it is nice to finally meet you. Now I know the secret to his success “.

I, of course, laughed it off and showered him with an invisible cloud of coffee breath (can you tell I am terrible at social functions? Praise the Lord for Tic Tacs…) but his comment got my wheels turning.

If I am being honest, being a law enforcement family is hard. But there is something about it that makes me so incredibly proud. Of my husband, of our state, of America, and all sorts of other weird things I can’t explain.

I get chills when I see blue lights, my heart drops every time his phone rings, and our kids have been known to chase his car when he has had to endure lengthy trainings. I am a grown woman with ripped purple tights, so I just stay put on the front porch and smile through tears and take pictures.

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But the secret to my husband’s success is not solely his wife. Clearly, as I am binge eating Oreos and gulping down a large glass of tepid milk as I am typing this. The secret to my husband’s success is that he is majorly gifted from God with an indescribable talent of investigative skill. But things that sweeten that success are foot rubs even if he has eczema, encouraging guy weekends because I truly believe in the friendships that have come from these over the years, making special desserts, and not making a big deal when he is late coming home from work. Stop watching that clock, ladies.

Why? Because I KNOW without a doubt that he would much rather be at home with me,  watching whatever the antenna chooses to pick up that night and  recounting that time in high school where we went to Sonic and paid for our meal entirely with the change we found in his beater truck than gathering one more confession from someone who thinks they can lie to law enforcement and get away with it.

The secret to my husband’s success is the same as your husband’s. They just want THIS to come home to:


And clean sheets and apple pie don’t hurt a bit.  Pray for your husband. Shower that hard working man with love this afternoon. You are fueling him along to do great things.

{I am super passionate about being a law enforcement wife. Some of my fave posts about LEO life are {here} and {here}.}


21 thoughts on “the secret to my husband’s success.

  1. I understand your pride for your husband’s job. My hubby was a Master-at-arms in the Navy when we met, and is still a Reservist. It’s hard to explain the pride you have knowing your husband is making a difference, and is willing to do the hard stuff, including putting his own safety last. As tough as it is to know the risks he’s taking, it makes a wife’s heart swell knowing her man is so selfless and strong!

    1. Haha! Oh friend. I think I need to lay the scissors DOWN for a while. But thank you for your sweet words! I am blessed to be his wife!

  2. I am loving your new vibe at the nest! I shared your letter about stolen motherhood with the ladies from my church and it’s been such a blessing to see them share it with others. Your gift of writing is the gift that keeps on giving! Love ya, friend!

    1. I love you Brandles, and so thankful for your encouragement, support, and friendship. Thankful your church ladies enjoyed 🙂

  3. I loved this post… And many others! As the wife of a Police chief, I completely understand your view point! I can’t count the times that I have had to explain to my girls (2&5)why their dad isn’t home and how important his job is! Not to mention, the number of times he has gone on police and fire (fireman too) calls and I have sat at home praying for his safety! I truly believe that his call to protect and serve is a spiritual gift from God . Thanks for sharing! I love reading your posts and sharing them with others.

    1. Thank you Erin! I was told once that it takes a strong woman to be the wife of a first responder. It is wives like you that keep him going! Thanks for commenting, love hearing from other LEO wives!

  4. OH MY GOSH… I came across your blog by accident. The satan stealing motherhood article got me here, I think from Pinterest?
    I forwarded it to my sisters, my friends who fear and love the Lord and I hope they read ALL your entries. You are a gifted writer,,,,, mostly fo ryour content, humor and realnesss! THANK You for sharing your insight, thoughts, and feelings. I am a mom to three beautiful babies and a wife to a firefighter, so I think your words strick close to home. From a stranger in California to a beautiful mom I found in the internet… Thank you.. 🙂 Shannon

  5. Amen!! Yes – our husbands want to come home to happiness – and thankfully my man is okay with messy faces who rush to hug him when he steps through the door. So blessed by the men and women who strive to keep our streets safe!
    Aurie recently posted…Today.My Profile

  6. you are turning into such a rock star with this new blog! you’ve always been a rock star, but now everyone can see it! i’m so proud to call you a friend. 🙂 this was another great blog post and you don’t give yourself enough credit!

  7. I just ran across your blogs and LOVE them!! I am a new mom of a 9 month old baby girl who was finding myself being sucked into the societal rules of being the best momma-but I dont make the cut!! I am a wife of a firefighter and can relate to you on many levels! My brother is high ranked in the police force so i see both sides. Your strength, faith, and love for your family encouraged me so much this morning! Especially after having a formula mess at 3am while feeding my baby-with a highly leacky bottle. Thank you so much for your blogs!! 🙂 Reading them made my week!! And will help me many more weeks to come. Thank you, again!!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your life. It is very easy to find yourself criticizing every move you make not only as a mother but also as a LEOW. You darlin are such an example of how to just be you (ripped purple tights and all)!

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