cell phone friday.

cell phone friday, volume twenty-one.

It is FRIDAY and that means another exciting edition of “Cell Phone Friday”, where people send in (and I steal with permission!) pics far and wide, just sharing real life. Like, you know, funny stuff at the grocery store and questionable signs. The usual.

So, let’s get right to it, shall we?



An imposter “Eat Mor Chikin'” cow in the back of a pickup on the interstate. These people must REALLY love them some Chick Fil A!


I hate to say it, I really do, but yeah. I definitely get a little giddy when I go to Target…

travis Hilarious. End of story.


SO, this picture is of…wait for it…a car in Georgia that has wood shims holding up the windows, and a carseat in the FRONT?! Really, people? I get the windows. I do. But the carseat? Not cool.


A really, really expensive fuel mishap in Indiana…

Thanks for sending in your pics! Wanna see your fun stuff on Cell Phone Friday? Cool. Email me (cselkins@mail.com), twitter/facebook/instagram (all CSElkins) and I’d love to hear from ya!

All the previous CPF volumes can be found {here}.

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