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50 State Prayer Project: Eyes on New Mexico


Capital: Santa Fe

Statehood: January 6, 1912 (47th state)

Flower: Yucca

Bird: Roadrunner

I have missed sharing the 50 State Prayer Project with you, and since the blog is back in action, I wanted to skip the whole alphabetical order system I was using to go through the states and skip straight to New Mexico today! Bridgette and Pete are VERY special friends to us, and used to live right across the street. Pete is the very first friend I made in the first grade, best friends with the husband, and he still makes fun of me that I had training wheels on my bike until I was ten. Bridgette is super sweet and an amazing mother, and I miss chatting with her, but we still text like crazy.

The Woodens moved from Tennessee to New Mexico about three years ago, and they live in the same city in which Breaking Bad is set. (Yes, that is info that you absolutely need to know..) so I’ll let Bridgette tell you the rest!

1.) Tell us a little bit about you and your family.

Peter and I have been married five years. The past three years we have moved across the US from Tennessee to New Mexico. We now have two boys. Our first was born at 33weeks (Uriah) and fourteen months later we was blessed with our second son at 32weeks (Gabriel).
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2.) What do you love most about your state? What do you want readers to know about where you live?

I love the weather and no allergies the most! It is 90% of the time sunny with hardly any clouds in the sky. Though we are in the desert and it is mostly all dirt and hardly any green around it still has its own beauty. Our town is known for the rock mountains and has a ton of hiking out door trails. If you are into the outdoors stuff this is one of the places to come visit or see.


3.) How can we pray for you?

We are still adjusting to being so far away from wonderful friends and our families. It has not only been hard on us but, also our family back in Tennessee. Pray as we continue to adjust!


Don’t you just want to squeeze those boys so tight they can’t stand it? Love them and miss them! Thanks Wooden family for sharing your part of the world with us!

Have any questions for the Wooden family? How about Breaking Bad and how Netflix needs to get the rest of Season 5 STAT? Leave your comments and questions below!

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4 thoughts on “50 State Prayer Project: Eyes on New Mexico

  1. Hello . I came across your New Mexico post by accident and wanted to ask you to keep praying for us here in NM! My husband and I and our three kiddos moved to Santa Fe a year ago to plant a church which we will be launching on Easter Sunday! We are very excited about it. I don’t think Satan likes us very much though. He definitely has a strong attachment to these people here and they are very fond of some of his best traps. Anyway, we can use all the prayers we can get! Our church is LifePoint Church. I love your state by state prayer project! What a great idea.

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