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behind the badge.

behind the badge

I’ll be home late. Keep the door locked and lights on.

Leave the TV on so I can see.

Empty the washer. I have been in a meth lab. Wash the clothes twice, please.

I don’t feel so well this morning. There have been several labs this week and I think I’ve been exposed.

If he comes by again, do not answer the door. They know you are home alone with the kids.

Don’t tell them a cop lives here.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe. I love you.

Disassemble this Glock and put it back together. Load this magazine. Again. Again. You need to know this.

Daddy will be home when he gets the bad guys. I’m sure he’s ok.

I miss him, too.

Please wait on me to open their presents. I’m sorry. I know it’s Christmas.

If they call again, don’t answer.

Don’t post that we will be out of town until we are already home.

Leave the store. Now. Take the kids out to the van. He’s a methhead and he’s pill shopping. I’m going to arrest him right now.

Pretend you all do not know me. I don’t want him to know what my family looks like.

I’ll be there, I promise. I just may be a little late…

I’m on call on our anniversary.

Please be with Daddy and keep him safe at work. In Jesus Name, Amen.

There’s been a stabbing.

There’s been a shooting.

On another meth lab. This one had kids in it.

There’s been a murder. Pray.

He was armed. Thank God I was wearing a vest.

I’ll be late again tonight. Keep the door locked and the lights on. Tell the kids I love them.

I miss you guys.

May God protect those who serve. 

14 thoughts on “behind the badge.

  1. The truth is so hard to read sometimes. Thank you for reminding me what your family sacrifices every day!

    When my husband travels, I take great comfort in Psalm 91.

    Thank you so much for linking up!

  2. Wow. What a momma has to do when she’s the wife of someone committed to serve. My brother does some of this work, and his wife carries a concealed weapon when she runs (bears and meth heads). Sending a prayer, a hedge of protection, a breastplate of heaven to keep you safe, at peace, and lovely.

  3. Thank you is so inadequate. But gratitude is what I feel on reading this. Gratitude for your sacrifice and his, and for having a glimpse behind the badge, a chance to see the sacrifice. It is a gift.

  4. I know this was posted a couple of months ago, however, I’ve read this blog over and over and showed it to Heather. This hits so close to home, I didn’t know what to say. I just want to say, thank you for posting this, may of those who don’t serve don’t know what it’s like for everyone involved, including the family. Great job Christie!

    1. As both a wife and mother “behind the badge” I can relate to each statement. The years also cause a growing bitterness toward the evil in this world, that No one else could understand. Lord, please keep these men, women and families close to your sweet gentle spirit.

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