Three Ways a Timer Saves My Sanity


This week I was over at Knoxville Moms Blog, sharing how I use a timer/phone alarm to LITERALLY save my sanity. Want your kid to leave the play area tear-free? Here are some easy ideas for ya. Click (here) to read the post and share your sanity saving tips!

Encouraging Boredom in Your Children

encouraging boredom in your children

In a world full of endless birthday parties, play dates, car DVD players, and digital gadgets right at our fingertips, children are in a constant state of entertainment, jumping from one awesome activity to the next. This “cycle of fun” always creates the inner need for MORE: more movies, more sugary snacks, more trips (and […]

Frugal Summer Style

Frugal Summer Style

So, I am over at Knoxville Moms Blog this week, writing about frugal summer style and my four rules for buying clothes. Read the post (here) and if you love it, share it on social media so the rest of the world can shop at Goodwill too! Have you had a good summer so far? […]

Penny Pinching Thursdays–I’m on the news!


  Hey friends and happy Thursday! This morning I LEFT the house at 4:50am to get to the WVLT studio by 6am to film a 2 minute segment about keeping summer SIMPLE, based off of my Knoxville Moms Blog post from last week entitled “The One Thing Your Kids Need This Summer” (you can read […]

Three Places to Find God


Today I am so incredibly honored to be writing over at Inspired to Action. Have you ever checked out Kat’s blog? My post for today can be found by clicking (here) but please stick around her site as long as possible. Her posts and podcasts are truly encouraging. See you there!

Fun, Frugal and Local: Summer Activities for Kids


(Note: This article was originally published in my Lifestyles column in the June 5th edition of the LaFollette Press) Now that children are officially out of school for the summer, they are super excited and YOU are super panicked. What are you going to do with these crazy kids for the next three months that […]

the ONE THING your kids need this summer.

one thing your kids need this summer

I am over at the Knoxville Moms Blog today, sharing about the ONE THING your kids need this summer. Wanna know what that one thing is? Read the post by clicking (here) and share your thoughts in the comments!

Even Superheroes Start Out Small.

even superheroes start out small

{I shared this post originally on the Allume blog in May 2013, and wanted to share it here as well, in part of my mission to blog less and stay off social media more this summer. Enjoy!} Dear little boy who stands in the hall With a Batman mask and a Southern drawl. You want […]